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is pushing people away considered a special talent because i think i’m really good at it 

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$250 for a meet and greet? You better get to suck their dick or something
— my mom (via gnarly)

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greendayig: Thank you Trieste, Italy


greendayig: Thank you Trieste, Italy


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ϟ Carolina, 26, italian, student, lost  photo SDC14772_zps45d9c1f4.jpg

I love my boyfriend, rock'n'roll, books, movies, a bunch of tv series (Favourite ones among others: Lost, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, Dexter), gorgeous men, cats, speaking English, being alone with my thoughts, daydreaming, and much, much more. I'm in love with so many things and people. And I hate so many things and people.
GREEN DAY is the soundtrack of my life, and on 10th November 2009, 24th May, 5th and 6th June 2013 I had the time of my life. I met the person I'll probably have kids with at the last (for now) concert of theirs I attended to, so...yeah, they're pretty important to me.
My heart beats also for Coldplay, RHCP(28/6/07 ♥), The Beatles, Queen and so on.
Music is my aeroplane .
I dream and differ.
This is the place for all the stuff I like.
Ok, nothing else to say. :]

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